DERMALOGIC UV Sterilizer 60L


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Adding cleanliness without distraction, the new DERMALOGIC UV Sterilizer 60L looks fantastic while offering all of the sanitation needs you could have. Through the use of heat, UV, and Ozone concerns about disinfection and sterilization will be things of the past. This beautifully stand-alone UV/Ozone Sterilizer is equipped with two UV lights, and it can heat up to 140F. It also comes with three layers, ample rooms for storage. 

  • Function: UV/OZONE+Heater 140F (60℃) + Storage 12 hours
  • Layers: 3 Layer shelf
  • Two UV lamps and a heating element
  Brand Dermalogic
  Material Stainless Steel
  Product Dim.                   17.3"L x 14.3"W x 25.4"H         
  Inner Size 15.35" x 11" x 21.85"
  Item Weight 22 lbs
  Capacity 60L
  Rating 110V USA plug
  Wattage 170W


Shipping Information

  Ships by Ground Shipping
  Shipping Dim.   21.25" x 18" x 29.5"
  Shipping Weight 26.5 lbs
  Packaging Details                 1 unit/carton         


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